Do better!


It just figures. I have not bought myself a single, measly, solitary “My Precious” during the work week in MONTHS. (I may have fallen off the wagon a time or two on the weekend when I needed just a tad more pep in my step. Don’t judge me!) But I have not drank an energy drink of any kind during the week, and have since stopped my daily consumption of evil since the end of December.  However….

It just figures. The one time I have to get gas before work, and (Gasp! Clutch the pearls!) had to spend almost $1 more per gallon to fill up my little Ford Focus’ tank at the local Quik Trip than I did a couple of short weeks ago, I figure I will grab some of the N’Joy “Gourmet” Oatmeal for breakfast. I have yet to find anywhere else that sells this delicious breakfast treat. I LOVE that oatmeal, it is thus far the only oatmeal that doesn’t make me feel like I ate a vat of concrete and need to hurl it quickly from my system lest I turn into a statue.

While walking back to get the breakfast of champions, my eyes pass over the MANY vending signs for “My Precious” RockStars. Guess what? They are ON SALE! Buy two for $3! What a deal!

Which then sparks the internal debate, which goes as follows:

Wow, I am moving slowly this morning. I think my ass is made of lead. I should get a quick breakfast and some caffeine. OOOOH, look RockStars are on SALE!

No.  We quit that evil shit, remember?

It’s not like we drink it every day anymore.  I mean, we have only cracked open the occasional on a weekend here and again.

True. BUT– our back has been really hurting again, because we have not been drinking enough water.

We haven’t been drinking enough water because we still haven’t quit soda. At least there are vitamins in the RockStar.

Fine. You win. But only today! Well, and tomorrow because you can’t buy one for $2.39, when you can get two for $3.00.

Can I help it if i am a crackhead that enjoys a good value?

Guess what happens when I go to cash out?

(Casablanca, Humphrey Bogart, 1942)

Borrowed from

In walks the hubs, and when he sees me at the counter says in nice and loud voice, “Busted!”.  Guaranteeing the other patrons and all the clerks look right at me. Like I just murdered a litter of puppies or a gaggle of baby geese or something. Sigh.

I bought them any damn way. And I cashed out before he could have the guy ring in his RedBull on my dime. So, ha. Stick that in your judgey-pants and walk around with it!




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