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Happy Friday!! It’s been a LOOOONG Week!

Boy, am I glad this week is over!  It has been a LONG one!

Between trying to pre-qualify for a house, a huge uptick in work volume, and the trials and tribulations of having a mule-headed teenage son, AND recuperating from last weekend- I am wiped out!

Found out the hard way last Saturday that running in a desert elevation of 1,100 feet is much easier than trying to breathe in a mountainous elevation of 7,200 feet. It VERY hard on the body!

My desert dwelling pals and I thought it would be a fun time to sign up for a 10K fun run in Flagstaff. Do a combination visit a girlfriend that lives up there, girls weekend, photo shoot and stuff in some exercise while we were there. Boy, did we underestimate the elevation element!  It was only 25°F when we started, and being the big “cold weenies” that we are, we were dressed like we were going on an Antarctic excursion.


SP sillies 2015

By mile 1, we were walking and re-tying the jackets, sweaters, scarves and head gear around our waists.  We looked ridiculous! Coincidentally, by the end of mile one, three out of the five running the 10K decided that the conditions were too brutal and we would like to take the turn off for the 5K (Yes, I was one of them). We looked absolutely hilarious too, but I was too tired to bother taking pictures by that point.

After sucking air like asthmatics in high altitude and sounding like something that hides in the darkened bushes of a horror movie set, we finally made it our 3.2 miles back to beginning to wait for the remaining two of our party that did NOT make that turn off.  Man. Were they PISSED that we didn’t tell them! HA!  I am a little sorry.  But that gave them bragging rights, so it all evens out.

Because we are bling junkies and the race did not provide medals, we made our own.  Mary bootlegged the logo from the site, and when all was said and done she made sure the race officials got to see them.

Home-made Red neck (nose) medals

It was pretty humbling to see some of these ultra runners finishing the full marathon about the same time our friends were finishing the 10K.  As none of us could ever be confused with the elite runners, it was pretty entertaining to see the looks on the elite’s faces while we cheered, clapped and be-medaled ourselves.  But, hey- WE are what makes it fun.

At this point we had not really eaten anything, and ran back to the house to change to assist with a photo shoot.  The couple that we were shooting wanted some photos at Old Caves Crater Trail Park.  As they are backpackers they had mentioned wanting some photos done “above the tree line”.  What none of us desert rats realized was that meant that we weren’t driving to that point of the park, we would be hiking it. Without water. Because we are unprepared idiots.

They were great sports, and we wound up getting in the other 3.5 miles hiking, so we did get in our 10K that day after all.  What you don’t realize in those cooler climes is how quickly one can dehydrate.  We will just say that going to the bar that night was not one of our best and brightest ideas, and leave it at that.Old Caves Crater Trail 03.2015 Old Caves Trail 2 Old Caves 3 Old Caves 4- above tree line

Tomorrow we had planned to run a 17K for the Kiss Me I’m Irish! run, but I called and had that dropped to the 5K.  Some lessons stick easier than others.




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