Race Day · Run!

What a great weekend!

What a weekend!  I had a long, emotional week last week (courtesy of the joys of an “adult” child and my awesome parentage) which meant I had a lot of crazy to run off.

Thankfully, my good run buddies looped me into the Kiss Me I’m Irish Run, and we did an 8k (which depending on what GPS you look at- because three different devices give three different amounts) is about 5.25 miles. What a fun run that was!  To date, the most fun I have had on a run.  Lots of vendors, and a PRE-RACE CHIROPRACTOR. All included in your run fees.  NICE!

There were some interesting characters there, I am pretty sure I have a few extra “sneak-shots” on my Instagram…but I could be lying.

KissMeIrish14 KissmeIrishgreenbeer KissMeIRishGreenGuy KissMeIrishHAT KissMeIRishQuikBunny


I also missed one shot of the whole troop at Shit Pot Crater Run- so I will just add that in here for funsies:

Kiss ME SP Woopsie


After the race, another group of friends had a St. Patrick’s Day party for old people (On a Saturday instead of this upcoming Tuesday), and that was a lot of fun. A tad too much drinking, as I almost overslept my Sunday morning hike- but I made it! In the nick of time.

Mental note- Not a good idea the day after a long run (lots of gut jiggling)and a night of drinking to do a middle of the desert hike.  At least not where I went. We will just say that it was more challenging than normal, and the park services really should revisit the lack of port-a-potties around major hiking areas.

(There weren’t even any areas to do a Creosote Crouch!)

I am NOT the only one with GI issues! Image found on bestracesigns.wordpress.com


Thank GOD this wasn’t ME!

Shit Happens. Literally. michelle-hunzikers.blogspot.com


Side note: I just found my next tee shirt!


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