St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As much as I love a good drinking holiday (I am looking at you Cinco De Mayo), I can’t help but wonder….Do the Irish (the ones in Ireland, not the millions here in the US that claim the bloodlines, have the shamrock tattoos but have never set foot in Ireland) get pissed when they see how Americans portray them every year? I mean, how is the whole concept not considered racist? (That would be a Leprechaun upside down in a beer mug hat I am wearing)


I am just as guilty as everyone else- I just ran a race on Saturday full of beer drinking leprechauns and shenanigans aplenty.  But when looking around at the hilarity of the holiday, I couldn’t help but wonder WHY is all of this OK?  I just don’t see any other culture not being highly offended with anything similar.  Maybe a little during Oktoberfest for Germans, but they aren’t parodied like the Irish are for St. Patty’s Day.

I mean, how WEIRD is it that the first “official” St. Patrick’s Day celebration was in the United States in 1762 and not in Ireland?

Found a lovely article on the History of St Patty’s Day that explains how the holiday has morphed into what it is now.

Those of you that will be out there celebrating, please be safe- and have fun!

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An old Irish blessing. Art from




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