Death by Cubicle

Why Wednesday, WHY?

It’s only Wednesday, yet I am ready to throw in the towel.  I am not sure if it is allergies or a head cold, but I feel terrible and just want to sleep.  Which means I am Jo-Jo Cranky Pants today.

I need some silliness to make me less grumpy.

As tired as I am of the “Mike, Mike! You know what day it is?!?!”  This seemed appropriate (because it really epitomizes my mood today):

Found on

I don’t know WHY this guy had his head that close to a camel’s face…But THAT is hilarious!

Laughingly found on:

Well, those images are infinitely more amusing than the commercial!  With that being said, I am off in search of highly caffeinated beverages!

Found on
Found on
OK- so apparently is my new go to for Gifs!

Hilarious! Found on


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