Friday Humor

Friday. How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways!

  1. All of the promise of the weekend, without any loss of time.
  2. Knowing that in just NINE short hours I will be CUBICLE FREE for 48 glorious hours!
  3. I will not have to drive in downtown traffic for TWO whole days! (Which makes me think I need to revisit the Los Angeles area again. You know, put my traffic hatred into perspective…and maybe spend some quality time with the ocean.  Purely as a spiritual thing- not just because I love the beach and vacations and dream about it nightly.)
  4. I get the time to squeeze in either some long runs, or debate about stuffing my bike into the back of my Ford Focus and finding an area with bike lanes that I can train for the duathlon in May. (I have ridden that bike exactly five minutes…and that was the day that I purchased it. WOOPS. Someone is going to have a seriously sore under smile on May 2nd.)
  5. Because Friday just has a better energy than the other days of the week.  It just seems like everyone around is so pumped up to get started for the weekend that Fridays are full of more joy, exuberance and positivity!
  6. This is usually the day that the hubs will decide he wants to have people over.  Which means he has to clean the house while I am at work. There is NO downside to that!
  7. Because everyone else is busy day dreaming about what they want to do this weekend, they don’t notice when your head is in the clouds too.
  8.  I get to plan spending time with my family.  Which means, realistically, I get to think about all the things I want to do with them, and then wait to hear all the things the kids plan on doing without me.   Teenagers. But, one can always dream!
  9.  If I time it right, I just may be able to squeeze in a small siesta post work and before anyone is ready to go out for dinner, since everyone likes to go out LATE on Friday. Guess I have always been old, because this concept continues to elude me.
  10. THIS JUST IN!! Apparently it is freaking Spring Break on the Rio Salado website for the weekend- so any homework that I had PLANNED on doing this weekend, won’t be getting done as I need the lesson plans that are located- Can you guess where? ON THE WEBSITE.  So, once I got over being PISSED I can now plan more time with the hubs (as the kids have most likely already forsaken me, because it is almost 8AM on Friday morning and plans have probably already been made. Including but not limited too: Sleeping until noon, eating all of the freshly purchased junk food from the cabinets with whatever surrogate children my daughter brings home, and inconvenient parental-taxi trips at the worst possible times of the day.  Mostly meant to interrupt any type of fun drinking for the parents or any date type activities.)

I can’t wait to get the weekend started!!


Courtesy of E cards
Found o:

For those of you that have not watched the Lego movie yet, you ARE missing out! (Because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!)

Everything IS Awesome!

Wonder what it says about me that I can be equally entertained by cartoons and Borat? Hmm. is AMAZING


No idea why or what this is- but it is too WEIRD to not share

Weirdest shit EVER on


So party hard like Leo.  Happy FRIDAY!!

Get it Leo. Get it!

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