Back 2 School


Sitting here, supposed to be doing my homework and NOT wanting to. Sigh. The joys of bad choices come to roost. Nothing says “FUN!” like a 40 year old forcing herself to do homework that she should have done 20 years ago.


Sadly, I actually saw this in the THEATER. Found on:


Yes, I know I am whining.  The school thing is the only real regret that I have about my past. Well, that and the lack of lottery winnings.

from e

WOW.  The things that come up on Google search.  I had no idea this was not an urban legend. Ron Jeremy is SUPER flexible

Believe it or not, I was only looking for memes dealing with returning to college!


3 thoughts on “Blah

  1. Lol great search results there! What are you going back to school for? I’ve been pondering going back for engineering…but alas…motivation is nowhere to be found.


    1. The search results were slaying me! You just never know what will pop up when you switch to “Images”!
      Currently forcing myself to finish out a Business degree. Wanting to segue into life/wellness coaching. But that will be a TON more school.

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