Death by Cubicle · Office Woes


Ahh, validation! Why is it so hard for some people to give anyone else positive feedback? Criticisms abound aplenty in the workplace, but good honest critical feedback- positive and negative- are really hard for most people to provide. Why is that?

Between critical, pessimistic people and the social anxiety induced by inter-office politics it is can be amazing that anything gets done in the office sometimes.

Makes ZERO sense to me because if I want something done and I want it done right, I make sure the person that has been delegated the task has clear, concise directions and protocols. Then, when they have completed said task, feedback lets them know if they have done the job correctly, or if tweaking is necessary or they screwed the pooch on the whole deal.

For the love of Zeus, people!  When you are dealing with other departments just use common courtesy.  Good manners and a courteous disposition do WONDERS when you need another departments help.

I am sure you are all wondering where this one is stemming from…A bit of a back story….

I am fairly new to the company that I work for now.  It has astounded me on how much of a struggle it is to get things done here between departments.  There are power struggles and finger pointing between departments that just should not exist.  I have honestly never worked for a company that has so many of these internal issues.  Many of which could be addressed/solved with simple protocols, manners and common courtesies between co-workers and departments.

Many of the people in this company have actually been here 25+ years, so they are a “tad” resistant to change. Which is archaic thinking given today’s rapidly changing environment.  Just a few simple adjustments would make the office here run so much more efficiently. Knowing this and wanting this has been quite a trial.  A few of the other “newbies” are struggling as well. One of the younger ones made me laugh with the comment, “They just need to get their old dinosaur asses on the ball or get the hell outta the way!”.  Which truthfully is how the rest of the world is.  Somehow the bubble here has not been permeated.  I feel a little like Jules Verne in “Journey to the Center of the Earth” wandering through an historic and strange land while wishing for some “LEAN” or “Six Sigma” rescuers to take me back to 2015 (words I never thought I would utter much less actively wish for).

Found on:
From the old TV Show “Dinosaurs”, found on:

Today’s post was actually prompted because I needed feedback from the another department on a test that I was doing for one of our “in-house” programs. This led back to the developer and asking for assistance.  Rather than asking the particular developer that had been coding the specific project,my co-worker felt that the issue should be escalated to our supervisor, CC’ing his supervisor because she found a mistake had been made.  This just floored me, as all that was needed was to nicely send an email detailing what I found versus what I thought I should find and ask him for the logic behind the coding, allowing him to fix what needed fixing before escalation.  Which I ultimately did, as that was the most efficient, least egregious way of accomplishing my task.  Which he then thanked me for and validated my need for basic human decency.

Also sending an email to me to then send to someone else instead of just sending the email direct and then copying me makes sense to ME, but for some reason is not seen as efficient or productive to others.  With the request to copy the originator of course. WHAT?!?!

I know this is not a malady that is only suffered in this office, or in the business world in particular- but it continues to elude me WHY people would rather escalate a situation than just deal with it efficiently and drama-free.

On a side note- Make sure you click on the Dinosaurs YouTube link.  My Searches brought up a fun video.  Turn the speakers up (If you aren’t at work) and enjoy the wondrous words of the late, great B.I.G. as lip synced by Earl Sinclair).

Google, I love you.


***Update 3/25/2015***Question for the reader/Morning vent session

In today’s office,which do you feel is more productive, email or meetings?

Personally, I feel that many issues can be taken care of in a quick, efficient manner via e-mail.  A nice bonus is that the thread is in writing so can be stored for reference if needed.  Then if email doesn’t solve the problem, other options can be explored.

Here it would seem that the most things culminate in meetings.  Best part about meetings here?  NO AGENDA.  Which also means NO MINUTES. Sounds wonderful, right? WRONG.  So, very wrong!  No agenda and no minutes = time wasted because no one is on point, no one is really running the meeting, there is no specific time limit set on the subject matter and the very BEST PART? The best part is that because minutes aren’t kept, no one is kept accountable for closing the loop from the last meeting. It is enough to make you run screaming from the building while tearing out your own hair.  In huge, bloody clumps.






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