Death by Cubicle

Cubicle Madness

Wonder if you can actually go insane because of the basic construct of the cubicle environment? The incessant, relentless sight of GRAY. Gray walls, gray carpet, gray brain.  It’s quite possible that I have already gone over to the “dark side” (and not the fun one with Darth Vader).

Hmmmm.  On that note- Today’s Google Search Results are:

This cartoon says it all.  How in the hell are we supposed to be innovative thinkers, “Thinking outside the box”, when we are shoved into our own private box-hell every day?


Enough Said. SomeEcards
Found on Love the movie OfficeSpace!!

What would we do without Someecards?
Unable to find originator- found on Pinterest

Wow.  Tell me this isn’t a depressing sight. About the only thing that has changed since this circa 1990’s cubicle farm would be the monitors are now a bit slimmer.  I do dig the fire hose in the back though. Wonder what they used it for? Think there was some Spray torture in the cube farm?  I should message Ben Trube as I found this on his blog.

Found on and Office Space, YES! #OfficeSpace
Oh, Milton! Have you seen my red Swingline Stapler? (


…And my favorite part of the WHOLE MOVIE

Office Space Gif (

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