Support Systems, Under stated never Over rated

You never really know how much you need a support system until you are at your most vulnerable and need that extra support beam to prop you up where you are sagging. An impenetrable force to ward off the invading hordes.

Spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially.

Sometimes you don’t realize that the people you leaned on the most weren’t what you thought they were.  The first real test shows that pillar of friendship, once thought to be concrete, was instead made up of particle board with a thin sheen of pine. Pretty to look at, but no substance or resistance when the big, bad wolf comes huffing and puffing at the door. Easily blown down or away at that first frightening gale.

How enlightening is it, when the debris has  been cleared to see that the fun and ornate outer doors have splintered and frayed, to see the one old, oak door illuminated in the aftermath. Still standing proud and strong, protecting the inhabitants from the enemies at large. Withered and bent from the barrage, but still standing tall, proud and strong. Weathering the many tempests that life has wrought, rusting in the rain beside you, all the while ensuring your castle is protected and safe.

That as old and sometimes taken for granted as it is, that old door has been holding more than it’s fair weight knowing it could not fail, because the fancy doors were only pressed wood.  Pretty on the outside, but completely useless when needed.

Life continues to amaze and inspire me.  As a born observationist I suppose I see the world a bit differently than others. The way I see things may have even made me a bit jaded when it comes to inter-personal relationships.  Because I watch people, and how they interact with each other I have seen this same scenario play itself out many times over in my life.

It is one of the reasons that although I may have many friends, there are very few that I trust enough to call my support system, and only one that is my “oak door”.   And the one that do, I trust my life and my heart to.

I will take that rusted iron door any day, and I will be his.  I actually prefer the rustic to the ornate but useless facade.

There is no beauty more stunning than that based in love and strength. You can do anything with an iron foundation.

Others, however, seem to have a harder time grasping that concept. Or have forgotten.

So for those of you that surround yourselves with the ornate, remember your oak & iron doors.  Don’t take them for granted.  Sometimes a little care, some elbow grease and a new sheen of varnish may be needed, but the well built will stand the test of time.

What could possibly be more beautiful than that?

Support Pete Carroll


You can’t tell me this isn’t both true AND powerful. Found on
Found on
One of my favorite Arnold quotes, Image found on


Boy, is this a hard lesson for some of us to grasp!



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