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Happiness is…100 followers

I officially hit 100 followers!  WAHOO!!!

This may not be big news for many of the other bloggers on here- but for me this is EXCITING! How should I celebrate?  Typical glass of red wine at the end of the day? Some champagne so that I have a headache and a slightly giddy nausea for next couple of days?

OR- be a good girl and after work today go home make a healthy dinner and chase it with a nice long run? A victory lap of sorts? HMMMM.  The choices are endless. As long as they don’t make me hung-over. Or cost any money. Or take up TOO much time.

I hope to continue this journey of silliness with all of you, and hopefully add enough new followers to be able to celebrate milestones on a semi-regular basis.

Holy Crap this is exciting! (as long as I don’t visualize an actual scenario where 100 people are physically following me in my day to day activities. That would be awkward.)

Thank you all for not only stopping in but continuing to follow me in all of my random, weird glory.  Much love!

Looks like I am not the only one that gets excited about this!

Image above found on a fellow WordPress blog (Please drop a like by their page for solidarity!): https://lifethroughamathematicianseyes.wordpress.com/2014/09/27/100-followers/


I feel very happy and share-y today! I did some Google Searches for other “Word Pressians” that at one time or another got excited about this too:

Found on worldinspiresyoucreate.wordpress.com

Please share the love (thanks for the imagery)! worldinspiresyoucreate.wordpress.com


LOVE the typewriter! underthenightstarrysky.wordpress.com



7 thoughts on “Happiness is…100 followers

  1. It’s wonderful! 100 followers is something to celebrate! I sent out a post when mine hit 500 and I got a note from someone saying, you sure do get excited about so little. What!? That’s not a little! That’s a lot and I am thankful for every single one!! Keep it up and before you know it you will have a 1000 followers! 😉

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