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Gearing up for the Redneck Run

Feeling pretty excited! I have another fun 10K scheduled for this weekend. This one should be HILARIOUS!  The Redneck Run will be lots of fun, live country music and silliness aplenty.  If we had thought of it, we could have participated in the “plunger run”, a relay with toilet plungers. That you get to decorate YOURSELF!

found these fancy ones on

WOW- I had NO idea that there were so many choices in decorative plungers!!

Also- has THE CUTEST TP roll holder I have ever seen! Found on

The Whiskey Rose will be open at 7AM!! NO WAY am I drinking BEFORE the race!  That would be a HUGE mistake. (No shrubbery to sprint and hide in…if you know what I mean)

No worries about anything sinister (No deliverance worries here)

Found on Funny or Die- could not get the video to link up! ERG!

Just a lot of fun and silliness for a REALLY warm run- it is supposed to be 92°F on Saturday. Quite the difference from my last run.  I will post pics on  Instagram -provided my super shitty phone will let me.

Thinking of some fun and goofy tattoos to draw all over myself.  Too bad curlers in my hair would make me insane while running. Because that would just complete the outfit. White wife beater, check. Horribly ugly prison style arm tattoos, check.

Found this one on a tattoo removal site. HAHAHA
WOW. That is BAD
Man. I could do this ALL DAY Found on:
Or “Nothing”, tomato/tomatoe Found on :

Beer can curlers…not so much. But they are fun to visualize.

found on

(Which led me to this on Google Images. Sorry. It’s a sickness.)

Listed here because it is FUNNY Found on

Even socialites use these!- so they must be great! (RIiiiiiight)




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