Race Day

Redneck Run Update

Saturday was a blast!  Even though I had to cut my run from a 10K to a 5K (again), I still had a great time.  I do wonder though, what brainiac thought it would be a good idea to cut the grass in the area around the stadium, a swath of about a mile and a half, the morning before several hundred people go running through it?

They must have known, because the swag bags had a box of allergy pills in it. Which at the time I had found odd, but once I was sneeze-wheezing my way through the green belt and trying to not inhale too much loose grass that was kicked up from the runners all around me it made perfect sense.

RedneckRun Pre-Race

Post race- I can’t seem to take a normal picture, but I sure did enjoy that extremely stout margarita!

Redneck Run Post Race

Pretty solid bling- this is what the medal looks like, sans the camouflage ribbon. Notice the beer bottle opener. That would be GREAT if I liked beer.  DANGIT.

redneck run medal

Although I was wheezing like an asthmatic freight train by the end of the 3rd mile, I was able to PR for my 5k time. Shaved off two whole minutes, so that was a nice perk.  Sort of funny though when I crossed the finish line, the announcer says “And our first 10K female finisher…” to which I just about shit my pants, because I did NOT mean for that to happen, I just wanted to be DONE.  Thankfully, the name he read was someone else’s, as you have to run past the finish line TWICE for the chip timer to register. PHEW!  I did not want to be that person!

According to the hubs, when I was running he could actually watch me run- crookedly- throughout the race via my MapMyRun app.  He seems to think that if I ran in a STRAIGHT line, instead of all over the place I could shave a few minutes off my time. I thought he was full of it- but when I compared my map to the others on my team…Well, he may just be on to something.

redneck map 2015


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