New career path

I have decided that I need to be independently wealthy.  Either that or someone should pay me handsomely for “Waterfront QA”.  I think I can nobly test out beaches and lake-sides around the world for others.

I have no problem rating and then sharing the views, attractions and amenities, hotels/motels/B&B’s with social media (or lack thereof).

You know, for the good of mankind.  I can be socially conscious like that.

Perhaps something along the line of “Siskel & Ebert”.  I have two thumbs, and I am not afraid to use them! If you figure that I have this blog, Google +, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram,  Face Book, Yelp, StumbledUpon…I could be a pretty powerful presence with the right motivation. And, sister (or mister, whatever the case may be)- NOTHING motivates me more than the ocean and a line of sand as far as the eye can see.

I would even be willing to learn several foreign languages. No reason at all that I should only be butchering one.

I can picture it now: Sitting on the soft, white sand. Next to my brightly colored flip-flops, pastel painted toes digging in the sand. My colorful cover-up softly flapping in the breeze while I clutch my sun hat in one hand, laptop in the other. My hair lightly billowing while I gaze adoringly at the waves crashing in front of me, dreaming up my next review of this perfect, pristine shoreline.

Yep.  Sounds perfect.  Now if I can just figure out how to make that happen!

What? A girl can dream, right?

beach scene by Mary

can Cun Tres Rios Cenote

The image above was a private beach in Playa Del Carmen, and my ideal home to sit and ponder…


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