Death by Cubicle

Today’s “Accidental” Google Search

OK, so in response to a co-worker’s sneaky hilarity- I decided to do a quick Google Search for a silly face, or office humor meme…and instead found the following gems, that had me choking back guffaws.  Just wouldn’t do to be laughing like a hyena in my cube.

This one almost had water shooting out of my nose. Thanks alot, which was on failblog
Found on Pinterest, origin of hilarity unknown. Probably can’t divulge from the cell he/she is rotting in.
Somehow I totally believe this… Found on
bahahahaha You slay me
As hilariously accurate as this may be..WTH happened to this guy? Where are all of those tiny scratches from?!?!

Found on Pinterest

Found on

Ok, OK..hahaha, and the last one:

Totally made me snort! While saying “I’m Batman”. LOL

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