High pollen count = no running today

Freaking high pollen advisory today. DAMMIT.  Doesn’t Mother Nature understand that when it is actually not sweltering outside that I want to be outside?  Especially now that I have a whole hour for lunch.  That actually gives me enough time to run during the day instead of feeling guilty about not running after I get home.

4.08.2015 pollen count


allergy meme


I mean, I could go ahead and say “Screw it! I am going running and no one can stop me!”, but just the walk from my car to work this morning has my eyes all itchy and puffy.  It would not be the first time they swelled completely shut in protest of spring. I am a lucky girl like that.


But the flowers in bloom really do look and smell fabulous, don’t they?  Too bad I get to smell them for hours after the pollen invades my sinus cavities.  Nothing says “Springtime!” like blowing your nose several hours after a run and smelling the same flowers all over again.  It’s like olfactory magic.

According to, I am not alone
found on

“Cheers” to all of my fellow allergy sufferers! I am about to take my second allergy pill of the day, and plan my evening around working out INSIDE.


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