Lessons Learned


For the last six months I have done nothing but incessantly bitch, moan and complain about my crappy phone not working right.

With good reason- how many other phones will only let you call out if you text someone first? Or that would generate enough heat to melt the chapstick in your purse? Or, and this is my personal favorite, force the music app to close anytime you hit the 1-3 mile mark while your MapMyRun app is running?  Those were just a few of the joyous things my phone would do…you know at about the “6 months away from being able to renew my contract” mark.

Yes, I know I could have restored it at any time and it probably would have worked better- but I would have lost all of my “borrowed” music. Relax, I have (most of ) the CD’s at home. It was just easier to download a song here or there that I already had, since iTunes was not compatible (at the time I bought it).

With all of that pent-up hostility for my phone, and knowing that I could upgrade it tomorrow, it really chaps my hide that I lost the damned thing last night.  I am fairly sure that I must have left my car unlocked when I ran into Yogurtini for an extra-credit assignment for my daughter’s science class (makes ZERO sense to me why Yogurtini has anything to do with Science no paper required, just a receipt.  I assume that there was a fundraiser attached for the science department, or the teacher is part-owner).  If I did leave it unlocked, and the phone was in the cup holder for all the world to see, it would have been a good time for a snatch & grab.

Jokes on them, because that phone is a hunk of shit. Between the crack across the top left corner of the screen, and the bludgeoned corners, it is worthless for resale.

After calling the cell phone company to remotely wipe it, I was told all they could do was “disable”. Disable from turning on, or being able to download anything from the USB or use the WiFi.  Supposedly this make sure that no one can ever use it again, unless I call in to remove the “stolen status”.  Oddly enough, an app could be purchased for my NEW phone that will enable ME to remotely wipe it. Good to know.

So, after changing all of my passwords and forcing logouts of everything last night I went to bed.  Unable to fall asleep because 1. I normally goof off on Pinterest or Face Book for a bit before I fall asleep and 2. What IF said jack hole was able to access my passwords to my accounts?  I never saved them for the credit cards or banking apps, but everything else I do is tracked through Google.  Which when you think about it is a weird and scary thing.

It’s also quite lowering to realize just how dependent I have gotten on that little piece of metal and glass.  It’s my alarm clock, my navigator, my music box, my running and food tracker.  Crazy. Now that it is gone, I am a little sad.

On the upside, the 250+ contacts that were in my phone are gone.  So, now I don’t have to worry about weeding out about 200 people. I will also be forced to detox from my phone dependence (at least for a couple of days).  I think I am going to declare this as a win.



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