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Two Day Pain Delay

What is it about that day after the day after you work out? The pain levels are so much more intense!  The battle of just basic muscle control is ridiculous!  I have to say, for anyone watching me move today I must be fairly entertaining. Attempting such super human feats as walking, sitting down, standing up, climbing stairs, BREATHING.

What the hell am I talking about, you ask?  Well, for whatever reason on Tuesday I decided that the DVD “21 day fix” that has collected dust on my computer for the last two months needed to be dusted off and tried out.  Guess what?  In roughly 30 minutes (more like 20) I was reminded BIG TIME of just how far I have let myself go.  Each pizza laced, booze infused, soda dripping ounce of fat was screaming for mercy by the end of that thirty minute DVD segment. The vast quantities of water I guzzled while sweat billowed out of my body was enormous, and made me a little queasy.  Suffice it to say there wasn’t a lot of clearance between my feet and the floor where there should have been.

Talk about a lesson in humility.  Once upon a time I was in pretty good shape.  I have always had a bit of a belly, but my arms, back, and legs were nice and toned and were able to handle quite a bit of punishment. NOT ANYMORE.  Working back to a decent fitness level is going to SUCK.

I thought I was sore yesterday. HA!  Today I am toddling around like a drunken two-year old with an inner ear infection, and a full facial grimace anytime I have to heft myself up (or down).  Did I mention I work on the third floor and refuse to use the elevators here?  (They are 60 years old, and have hand prints on the inside where you can tell people have been stuck before) Yeah, that just adds fun to the party!

(Why didn’t I just take a picture of MY elevators you ask? Because I didn’t want to go back IN THERE after I saw the hand smudges that ran the width of the door the last time. That’s why!)

Image found on


I am not getting any younger and I am tired of feeling the same thing every year at bathing suit season.

So, I am going to keep doing that painful DVD until it doesn’t hurt so much, and eventually  I won’t hate bathing suit shopping anymore. Well, at least not so much.  No matter how fit & toned I get, there is only so much that can be done.

Imagine this,  while I was Google Image Searching for adequate elevator imagery- I stumbled across a few good videos (I know you are shocked that I got off track).

I would feel really bad about it afterwards- but I probably would have freaked out and punched the poor kid in the face.  Good thing this wasn’t my prank:


Wow.  Brazilians are MEAN. Hilarious. But MEAN.



2 thoughts on “Two Day Pain Delay

    1. Yep. It would have been really ugly business. The zombie one would have been bad! After scream-crying I would have had no other choice but to attempt a decapitation…because that is how one kills zombies (right?). LOL. Poor old man. HA

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