Race Day

Free photos in a race?!?! WHAT?!

The Esprit De She is the very first race that I have ever been a part of that provides all of the race photos as a part of the race package. Very, very cool!  These are usually an insane amount of money that I never spend- so no one ever gets to see them.

These are pretty hilarious as you can tell which pictures were taken while going UPHILL and most likely while cursing profusely. I have had several minutes of laughter at my own expense, so figured- what the hell- I should share!

EspritDeShe1 EspritDeShe2 EspritDeShe3 EspritDeShe4 EspritDeShe5 EspritDeShe6 EspritDeShe7 EspritDeShe8 EspritDeShe9 Triathletes


Also, for those of you that didn’t catch it in the earlier photos- here it is again…Just to prove to you that although I may be a class “A” dork, I am not a liar. LOL

Forgotten helmet



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