Hmm..I wonder...

Weird things that make you happy

This morning when I wandered into the ladies room a bit earlier than normal, I was greeted by the fresh smell of cleaning products and a toilet with the lid up and brimming with clean, blue water.  For whatever odd reason that gave me a little happiness zing.

Which then got me thinking, am I odd?  I mean, I get that I am weirder than most people, but do other people find happiness in weird places?

Take the hubby for instance, you give that man a chance at some Coldstone Creamery and he is as happy as can be.

Or give him access to a candy store- Happy, happy, happy.  He has the sweet tooth of a five year old.  My very own Willy Wonka.

Or how joyous it makes me to say some (sometimes obscure, sometimes not-so-much) movie reference and have someone else actually know what I am talking about.

So it’s like, if you’re nice to them, they bring you things?

Taken from the scene in PCU at a party:

Jock #1:  What’s up, babes?
Womynist #1: Pack up your rape culture and take a hike!
Jock #1: [holds up a beer] You want a brewdog?
Womynist #1: We’re not interested in your penis!
Womynist #2: Wait, wait, I think he’s offering us a beer.
[turns to jock, speaks slowly]
Womynist #2: Um . . . Yes. We, would like, a beer.
Jock #1: Okay!
[turns around to get a beer]
Womynist #1 : So it’s like, if you’re nice to them, they bring you things?
Womynist #2: Exactly.

Or the often used “Don’t be that guy”

(I have to say- Forrest Gump is my all time favorite movie.  The writers were BRILLIANT and the soundtrack is solid.)

More swill please!

      I smell death!

-1982’s Jekyll and Hyde- Together Again (Pretty sure only 3 people in the known world has seen this, and thought was hilarious. Maybe mostly because it was Rated “R” and we weren’t allowed to be watching it back then.)

     I’m your Huckleberry- Tombstone

Or getting someone else’s nerd reference. Which would be pretty much the entire movie of “Paul”, which I found hilarious- and The Big Bang Theory.

There is also that luminous moment of euphoria when that sparkly medal placed around your neck for running a ridiculous amount of miles (to some, to others you are still a wuss. Looking at you Ultras!)

OC half 2014 finished medal


Then there are the days that I come up with several different blog ideas in one day!  Which makes me extremely happy as I have several days of NOTHINGNESS. (Come on- you didn’t think I would make it through an entire post on movie references without a shout-out to The Neverending Story, did you?)

The G’mork image found on



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