Not sure which is creepier…

When I was a kid, Poltergeist was THE big movie. You know the scene where the clown doll comes to life and drags that little boy under his bed?

That scene had me terrified of my Raggedy Ann doll. An aunt had made it for me, and up until I stupidly watched that movie, it was a treasured object.  From that point on every time darkness would fall, I had the sneaky suspicion that Raggedy Ann was watching me sleep, and one day she would come to life. Crawl down from her perch high in my closet, skitter across my bedroom floor and strangle me with her long, white arms. that thought would keep me petrified in my bed, with my eyes squeezed shut- refusing to look. Childishly thinking if I couldn’t see it, then that fear couldn’t be realized. (Sadly I am still leery of having my feet anywhere near the under part of my bed when it is dark. I am now a giant chicken.)

I know I am not the only one that had similar thoughts about dolls coming to life and attacking their owners.  There are far too many horror movies about it.

The other day I saw a headline that made me wonder what is creepier, a doll coming to life while you sleep, or a human that is turning him/herself INTO a doll?  How would you feel waking up next to a plastic person?  Would it be freaky-scary?  My brain refuses to let this one go, and I have demonized the situation in my mind so much that for the past couple of nights, these “doll people” have invaded my dreams.

Between the snoring husband, and last night’s doozy of a nightmare involving self-driven commuter trains at the Grand Canyon (is way scarier than it sounds and made me wake up to search out my dog to make sure he didn’t get chucked down into the canyon)- I am one tired lady!

I mean, look at this picture!  That is supposedly a REAL human person!

Above is Valeria Lukyanova, a 29 year old Russian model.

Rodrigo (shown below)  I saw on the show “Botched”.  Who knows how much plastic surgery this Brazilian has had done? Oh, and he doesn’t have time to exercise, so he hooks himself up to “tens” units to work the muscles (Hmmm.  Interesting concept).

Justin Jedlicka was also on “Botched” and has an interesting lifestyle from what I saw on that episode.  He has pool boys galore, and an insanely gorgeous home. He has had over 100 plastic surgeries. I don’t know how people can afford it.  I can’t even afford a tummy tuck…SIGH.

This still leaves me wondering WHY anyone would want to attain that freakishly plastic appearance, and I assume that means there are people out there that find them attractive.  What would that fetish be called? I am too afraid to Google Search it! Who knows what horrifyingly disturbing imagery that will pollute my eyes and haunt my dreams!





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