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The Food Hangover

The problem with any extended weekend for me always starts and ends with food. What to bring? Should I even bother trying to make/bring healthy food to eat? Should I just say “Fuck it!”, thoroughly enjoy the idiocy and pay the piper on Monday?

One day, I shall conquer!  Image found on

Well, today is Tuesday and I still feel terrible.  I am rocking a killer combo of campfire-smoke-swollen eyes and sinuses, a slightly nauseous feeling from the pendulum swing of insulin spikes due to mass ingestion of junk food and sugary (yet delicious) rum laced alcoholic beverages, and I have this odd and vague feeling that my computer is whispering to me…Or about me. Most likely about me. Me and my self sabotaging ways.

Oh wait.  It is just the person two cubicles away listening to Internet radio.  Well, that was a slightly weird conclusion for me to draw, now wasn’t it?

Cartoon found on

I have got to go find some caffeine to chase away this sugar-detox inspired, hallucination fueled fugue state.


Side note~ Read a lovely article by a fellow blogger that talks about sugar detox and getting a “waxed tongue” feeling during day 3.

Gross. But, now it makes sense, because a little while ago I did a 3 day “Refresh” Through Beach Body and had that disgusting feeling on the last day.

I also discovered during my first real workout post camping last night exactly WHY burpees are called “Burpees”.  All I can say is EUWWWW.


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