Friday Humor

Wicked! (Tickets, that is)

Man. Culture is expensive.  Explains why I don’t have any!

Wickedly Expensive!
Wickedly Expensive!

I have been wanting to go see Wicked since I saw an excerpt (Scene, clip? What is the word?) on So You Think You Can Dance a couple of years ago.

I can only imagine how expensive these tickets would actually be on Broadway.  $80 a seat in the nosebleeds.  OY.  Well, if I want to go on a Friday night anyway. With friends that are already going.

If I can figure out how to go on a Wednesday night, $80 for the decent seats.

So, like I said. Culture is expensive.  I can totally see why I am lacking it in my life.

For some reason, when you Google Image search “Culture” or “Lack of culture” instead of finding thousands of hilarious hillbilly memes, aka “Appalachian Americans”, there are instead thousands of disturbing rape culture memes.  Whaaaa…?

I am just going to wash my eyes out with bleach now.  No, I refuse to add any of those to my blog- because even I have some filters!

With that being said- I am now reduced to looking for cute and/or funny animal memes to wash those repugnant images from my brain.

Then, there is this guy. Who is hilarious.  How many second and third takes do you think he inspired?

….and today just wouldn’t be complete without a little

Sorry. Not sorry. LOL


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