Death by Cubicle

The Fraud

Any time that I put on a dress and heels, or get “dressed up” I feel like a complete fraud. This happens at least five times a week. Every week. Within minutes of hitting the door at home I am changing into work out gear or, depending on the day, pajamas. I can’t help but feel like I am walking around in borrowed clothes. Playing “dress up” like a little girl- draping myself in costumes from some other woman’s closet. I am a corporate fraud of the highest caliber…at least when it comes to clothing.

Why is that? Am I not living an “authentic life” as Oprah was always so fond of saying?  I mean, I like the way most of those clothes look on other people. I love how heels look…I just feel awkward and weird(er) when I am the one wearing them.

Is it just true that “hillbilly blood runs deep”?

I do not have the answer to that one, but if being a hillbilly means not having to wear uncomfortable skirts and slacks that need to be dried carefully or worse, IRONED! Nor having to totter around on shoes that not only can’t effectively be ran in but  can very easily cause bodily harm in the form of “biffing” it going down (or in my case UP) the stairs?

Well, then call me a hillbilly all you want! (Sorry- got a little distracted by the hilarity of falling down gifs)


If the clothes make the man (or wo-man) then I want to be a gym rat. Because corporate casual sucks and I miss my flip-flops.

I mean, seriously- I work in a CUBICLE.  Who is going to see me?



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