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The never-ending argument

Do you ever just want to kick yourself for replying to a comment which inadvertently starts a conversation/argument with someone? Not because you started with any ill intent but because someone who was on the same thread somehow read into your comment and thought that you were defaming their character in some manner?  Someone that read something about a “famous” person and inserted themselves into their shoes? You know, a complete ignoramus (to borrow a word from Bugs Bunny) a religious zealot, or just someone so full of self-import and hot air that they not only inferred that you were somehow addressing them but also manage to completely blow what you said out of proportion?

Well, that is the situation that I find myself in today. I didn’t even attempt to start the conversation with this specific person. I just noticed a well-written article on “Freshly Pressed”, and felt the urge to let the author know I appreciated their perspective, and had something (that I felt) was meaningful to add to the thread. Which triggered a heated response from a fellow blogger. In an attempt to smooth over the situation,  I responded  to let her know that my comment was not aimed at her in any way, and maybe she should re-read. Which then spiraled into a bit of a mess…

(By the way I also looked up her blog. Because I apparently have a sickness.  She is still a very damaged person, and her blog made me sad. I get that life may not have been easy for her, but that still does not give her the right in any capacity to take it out on others.  I know I am not the greatest wordsmith but if you are going to flex your internet muscles and pick a “fight”- you should really brush up on your ability to effectively dialogue.  A religious diatribe based on your past experiences and your shitty parents does not mean that was everyone else’s experience.  Nor does it mean that because you were raised in that environment that you are now omnipotent and anyone else is ignorant. Just saying. )

Apparently my belief that Josh Duggar is a pedophile because the atrocities that he was CAUGHT doing at 14 years old to 5-year-old girls is the WRONG thing to think .  For whatever reason this woman decided that was a personal attack against her.  I nicely tried to explain that she may want to re-read what I wrote, because the only person (or type of person) I had referred to was a pedophile.  Well, because Duggar was a minor at the time his sins were committed he should not be held accountable. I am sure his victims are quite relieved.

Also according to this lunatic (and several other frothing-at-the-mouth-religious-crazies) “all sins are equal”.  MMM, no.

No, they are not.  I refuse to believe that if a person commits the act of stealing to feed their starving family that sin is on par with the sins of child molestation, rape, or murder.  Go ahead and call me “Unchristianlike”.  I am perfectly OK with that.

I just cannot fathom how so many people are able to say they can forgive the perpetrator of such a heinous act.  Then in the case of Duggar, not only forgive but defend.  Are you fucking kidding me?

It is no wonder with “religo s” of this caliber that so many of people today no longer affiliate with any religion.  The zealotry level is ridiculous. If you want to forgive everyone for any and everything that they have ever done to you -fine. That is your right. But you do not have the right to force feed that tripe to someone who has been victimized. It is their right to decide to forgive or not. Not yours.  Although I agree that the process of forgiveness will help the victims heal, that again, is their right and their process to go through. Not yours.

According to the internet troll that I am dealing with, because Duggar was “just a child” at 14, and has forgiven himself that we should forgive him too. Because he didn’t know what he was doing to his sisters was wrong (You know, like attacking them while they slept and were small and defenseless). Because in the universe of home schooling, he could not possibly have been taught that touching his sisters or others in such a way was wrong. He wasn’t even told what the names of body parts are (So she assured me, because that was how her parents taught her. She wrote it on the internet, so it must be true. Bonjour.)

Oh, and  Jesus has forgiven Josh Duggar. Not quite sure where the phone or email records of that conversation happen to be, but I for one, would love to see them.

Here is a small excerpt from the idiocy that I engaged in yesterday- and although I had a wonderful (and pithy) dismissal for her ignorant self- in true internet troll fashion she continued the thread, and then attacked me on a maternal level.

You know, what you do anytime you lack the intellectual capacity to debate intelligently.  I am doing my level best to ignore her continued efforts to engage. Because you just can’t argue with a zealot, and you can’t fix stupid.

The Religo Troll

Reflecting on it, this was really all my fault. This is why I should have never replied to the original comment.  I should have recognized it for what it was, but I didn’t.  I should have listened to the tried and true advice from “How to ignore a Troll”. Lesson learned.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat- I have ZERO problem with people of faith.  I absolutely support it.  What I do have an issue with is when there are sects of said religion that feel that  hypocrisy and forced acceptance are great- as long as it is only their beliefs.

With that being said, I defer to some of the fun that Hollywood has poked at such sects as a fun reference.

This scene from” Easy A” always cracks me up.

Jesus tells us we should love everyone- even the whores and homosexuals…but they just keep doing it!




5 thoughts on “The never-ending argument

  1. I had to laugh at this and I am a Christian!! BUT there is one line that I love to use! Jesus said, “Follow Me!”, he didn’t say Follow my disciples! Because yes there are Crazy people out there Christians included!! Glad you stopped the argument for yes there are times when you Know its just not worth it.

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    1. Thanks. I just love that when you try to contribute to a thread, and certain subsets of people just jump all over you . I mean- GEEZ. Still aggravated myself though for falling into the trap in the first place. I guess at least it gave that blogger some entertainment as the moderated comments have been allowed..LOL

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  2. I’ve found myself in similar situations several times. Part of the trouble is that we can’t actually hear the tone of voice another person is using in text form, so sometimes we jump to conclusions about what’s being said for that reason. Other times, people are just stupid. I also have a problem with letting my comments get too long-winded until I’m just about to hit the “Post” button and then realize, “Hey, why not just make this a post on my own blog instead of taking so much space on this other person’s website, when it could cause a flame war?” The last thing I want to do is seem unneighborly, and at least if a flame war erupts on my own site, I can put it out very quickly.

    Also, I’m totally on your side when it comes to the Duggar discussion. But I’ll talk more about that on my own blog because I can go on for hours. 🙂

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    1. I have a feeling the whole Duggar thing will be on MANY blog sites for awhile. “Flame war”, good way to put it- I guess the longer I do this the more I learn. Thanks for the support, and I will pop on by to see what you have to say about the whole crazy situation. Because I do love your perspective. :^)

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