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Summer girl

Ok, so I am beginning to think the universe is conspiring against me. Everywhere I look either people are on vacation at the beach, there are Groupons to get to the beach, certain people (not to name names or anything. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) live on or near the beach, or I am reading health articles on coconuts- which naturally makes me want to go…to the beach. From the television, to the interwebs to even the radio…Conspiracy!!! Sigh.  Why do I fight it? I just need to grab a coconut and get there!

(By the way coconut oil, water and milk can be very beneficial! You can read a bit about it here, and herealso here).

Sometimes being a desert rat with extreme beach aspirations can be a real drag.

Right about April every year I start to die a little inside if I don’t get an oceanic fix.  This year is even worse, because at this same time last year, I was in Playa Del Carmen with the hubs and two close friends. We had a blast! So, I need to relive those moments…and you get to come along for the ride because, well, you are reading MY blog and that is where I want to take us all today. You are welcome.

Beach Bar 2 Beach bar 3 beach bar Cozumel Chechen Itza Gazebo on the beach Me beach parasailing short pier




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