Friday Humor

Finally Friday!

Is it just me, or do the dog days of summer really drag out when you are locked inside and unable to enjoy the beauty and bounty that is OUTSIDE?

One of those days

I seem to have had a string of endless days this week, and am beyond thankful that the work week is about over.

Time to Go forth and be awesome…Because Neil Patrick Harris says so, and because, let’s face it- I will anyway.

Go Forth

And with that we begin the FRIDAY GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH that is so much fun for me.

Wow.  This is about a flashback meme if ever there was one:

The thought of this makes me want to go to Disneyland even more (Come on, you know it would be irresistible!):

Love Google searches- what people tag as awesome can be …well…different…(No, I am not getting anything productive done today. AT ALL.)

Too soon?

Creepy but kinda awesome

I have got to get away from the interwebs for awhile

…and Finally- Happy Friday Y’all!



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