Howdy Pardner!

Miss me?

It’s been a little while between posts, and I am sorry for that.  Between the loss of my pooch, work, workouts and school I have just been a tad overwhelmed.

Up until about a week ago I was considering shutting down the blog, as I have not had much time to devote to “quality” posts, and didn’t feel like much of what I had to say was resonating with too many people anyway.

Then I realized I was riding the pity pony too hard, and it was time to get over myself, throttle back and get a grip. (How is that for too many colloquialisms in one fell swoop?)

So I am unable to post daily. So what?  I didn’t get into blogging to win a popularity contest (Good thing, or I would have lost my ass a long time ago). I got into it as a way to express myself and to log my life story. For me. That way when I go batshit crazy and can’t remember anyone or anything, someone can pull up a piece of my life and read it to me. Remind me of who I’ve loved, where I have been, what amused me and who I was.  Hopefully that is far, far in the future.  Or, at some point my kids or grandkids (again, far, far in the future) will have an online journal of sorts where they can connect with their insane, but insanely lovable Grandmother.

Side note- this is NOT me…just the epitome of nutso.

Let’s face it- my life isn’t crazy eventful right now anyway. Just a lot of work being put in, in the hopes that I can stockpile enough vacation time and cash TO make it eventful.

Are you sensing a theme here yet?


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