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Forgive me Fitness, for I have sinned…again

Run collage 7.11.2015

Forgive me fitness, for I have sinned. I have blasphemously let my hard-earned running callouses heal.  I know, I know! Absolute travesty of epic proportions!

I have not been making enough time for running lately, and it is a crying shame, because I love it. I love being outside, seeing the world unfiltered, feeling the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair- and the sweat dripping off my nose (and well, everywhere else).

Some sort of miracle happens when I am able to get out there and hit the pavement.  All of my worries just fall by the wayside- or just don’t seem to have the mammoth proportions they did prior to the run.  It keeps me in balance.

I have to be more time conscious.  Between work, parenting, working  out, school- the cycle has not given me much free time.

I am so glad that I set my alarm clock this morning and made it happen.  A good run makes for a better me.

choose wisely

Just because she makes me laugh and I love this gif.

Google search made me sad today. That is a whole lotta burpees.

burpees choose wisely


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