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Blonde roots run deep

You ever just have one of those moments (or days, weeks, years) that you seriously worry about yourself? A moment that you even shock yourself over your own idiocy?  Well, I had one of those the other day at the gym. (Sadly, these moments are fairly commonplace)

Much like blogging, running and I have not been spending much quality time together.  Between work, the Beach Body thing and school I have been a tad overwhelmed.  That and it is 1000°F outside in Phoenix during the summer.

With it being hot as hell in July I opted for a run on the treadmill at the gym in the air conditioning.  I may have been a tad dehydrated from drinking a couple of Blue Hawaiians the night before (Don’t judge me! They are delicious) so the 5 miles I put on the old “dread”mill were brutal.

Trying to maintain an upright position while walking out of the gym, post-run I see my adorable little bright blue Focus start to back up out of the parking spot where I left it.

focusUnderstandably this freaks me the FUCK out, and I start to run at the car, waving my arms and yelling “STOP!”.  As I run at the car, an older man looks at me in his rear view and punches it, speeding out of the parking lot (I am sure I looked VERY scary and psycho).

While I chase after him a few more steps, I run right by the Jeep that I drove to the gym. NOT THE CAR.  WOOPS.

Thankfully I haven’t seen that driver or the car there since. Not my proudest moment, but still rather funny.




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