Lessons Learned

I don’t want to ADULT today!

Please don’t make me!  Yes, I know I have been at my desk for HOURS already, and have been diligently mining data as my profession dictates- but it doesn’t mean I have to like it!

I mean it is summertime out there!  Do you know how much harder it makes it to be a good girl and go to work every day when all you can think about is SUMMER ACTIVITIES?

Boating, swimming, basking…leaving this hot hell-hole of a place and hitting the beach.  OK, MOSTLY just hitting the beach.

I need to plop my ass in the sand and make roots. At least for the rest of the summer.  Why can’t I have been smart enough to figure out how to make that happen?  Is there a job for quality control of the beach scene?

That should be a thing.  Jolene, Beach Quality Control Coordinator. Has a nice ring, don’t you think?


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