Lessons Learned

The Struggle is Real y’all!

I know, I know!

I have definitely NOT been consistent with my blogging. In like, a year.  2016 has just been an insane year.  I have been really focusing on getting healthy and on track, being a wife and Mom, all while also starting a new job.  So, I guess I have been a tad overwhelmed.


I guess what I am saying is, I am sorry.  But when you are juggling more than you can handle, you make sure the only thing you drop are things that are “less important” than others.

I have also been struggling with a combination of early empty nester’s syndrome, and coping with my son’s battle with addiction. THAT is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with, and I won’t lie- his struggles suck me into an abyss of despair that takes everything I have to pull out of and be there for my daughter who still lives at home and my husband.

Somehow on Halloween he was jumped by “friends” and wound up with several stitches in his beautiful face and about 30 staples in his scalp.  They hit him with a baseball bat and stabbed him with an ice-pick in the face.  That is something that I will never understand. How such a smart kid could wind up with the type of people that would hurt ANYONE, let alone someone they called “friend”.

On the upside, when he came over for me to help pull out the staples, stitches- he looked to be clean. Skinny.  But seemed sober.  I hope to God that he has gotten some sense knocked into him and changes his path.  It took everything I had to not completely lose my shit when I saw his injuries.  And I only saw them two weeks after.

The old adage is true, “You never stop being a Mother, so you never stop worrying”.  He is 20 and I still worry about him every day.



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