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Once upon a time we did THREE Thanksgiving Dinners a year. CRAZY.  I know!

My parents, His parents and a friend’s parents that had no Grand kids in the state.

That level of over indulgence coupled with family drama and general holiday insanity is how “Friendsgiving” was born for us.  Instead of doing the traditional holiday my family goes camping.  A decade ago it was the Imperial Sand Dunes, these days we take out the Jeeps.

This year we camped out by Bumble Bee, AZ and took Turkey Creek Trail to the “Yacht Club” in  Cleator, AZ and the road to Crown King.  We even found an OPEN and semi-safe mine shaft to explore.  SO MUCH more fun than staying in town and getting besieged with guilt trips from my parents.

How do I deal with the food, you ask?

I cook it all the day before we leave and then all we have to do is heat & eat.  IT IS AWESOME.  Meal prep before so I can just dick off for four days.  Best. Plan. EVER.

Weirdly even though I devoured Beergaritas over the course of 5 days, and only did minimal working out- via small hikes up mountains for photo ops- I didn’t gain weight. WOOT!

By taking care of myself the majority of the month I still managed to lose 2 pounds AND 5.8 inches. #winning



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