Lessons Learned

Transform the mind, Transport the soul

img_20170117_192832_420I am the first person to tell you that I LOVE FOOD. And booze. And bar hopping with the hubs. What I didn’t love was my weight and how slow, uncomfortable and unhealthy that I felt. Or the fact that I no longer felt like a sexy, fun and vital partner.
All those insecurities came to a head at my hubby’s 40th birthday party when a friend took a video of me dancing to “Baby’s got Back”. Well, Baby had back. And front. AND side. It was MORTIFYING. But, it gave me the kick in the ass that I needed to start making changes. I started running and eating better. But that wasn’t cutting down on the weight- so I took a leap of faith and jumped in to Beach Body coaching. I lost 25 pounds and gained some amazing lifetime friends that help keep me motivated and on track.
Although I am not at my goal weight yet, I feel effing FANTASTIC every day. Even when I am tired. I don’t feel like a pale shadow of my former self any more. I feel just as good as I did in my teens. Who else gets to say that? Not everyone.
Granted I am NOT:
❌A certified fitness instructor
❌A certified nutritionist
❌100% on goal every day-
I live by the 80/20 rule
-if I don’t have cheat days I would FEEL cheated and that would bring back the binge mentality. So, I work in my favorite foods, (all things Mexican) AND my favorite booze (wine 🍷🍹or Blue Hawaiians)- just not ALL the time.

By surrounding myself with such an amazeballs team, and following like minded people on social media I have been able to stay on goal. Usually December means MAD weight gain for me. I did get a tad lazy and eat and drink way more than I should have- I still feel ahead of the game and ready to continue with a fun, healthy lifestyle.

Do not let others define who you are. Surround yourself with positive people and the whole outlook on your life will change.
#transformationtuesday #80/20
#kickingassandtakingnames #i8there4ilift😆😉



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