Lessons Learned

Beachbody Challenge

Check out Janice Loomis Humbarger!


Let me tell you a few things about this little firecracker… and then I need some help from all of you reading this!!!

1. She is also a Beachbody coach on my team
2. She is 50 years old (and SMOKIN’ HOT)
3. She’s lost 47 pounds!
4. She has done 5 or so rounds of 21 Day fix
5. She has done 1 round of The Masters Hammer and Chisel
6. She has done 1 round of 22 Minute Hard Corps
7. She has done 2 rounds of Body Beast
8. She has done the 3 day refresh twice
9. She drinks Shakeology EVERY DAY
10. She is currently doing CDF
11. She has already won $1,000 from Beachbody for sharing her results!

And here is the big thing…… She is up to win $5,000 and a trip to LA!!!!!

I need all of your help! Please vote to help Janice become the quarterly winner…then she’ll have a chance at the $100,000 Grand prize!! How freaking rad would that be!?!?

1 minute.
1 minute is all it takes to help REWARD a hard working individual that has mitivated and inspired so many.
PLEASE take the time to vote for Janice…I will post the direct voting every day for 7 days. Thank you all so much…this is a big deal…..but the greatest gift of all ..is the Health that Janice has gained back!

Help give a big congratulations to a job well done!

Just follow this link and vote!


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