Beach Body – Turning over a new leaf

Last April one of my Aunts died at only 64 years old.  Her heart was too weak to undergo a much needed surgery, so she had to just be “let go”.  She was very much the matriarch of my Dad’s side of the family.

Seeing the devastation on the faces of her children (three of which are technically Grandkids that she raised as her own, but that is a story for another day) and knowing they will lack that maternal guidance while they finish college, or raise their own children really floored me.

Too many people in my family are very, very sick because of lifestyle choices.  As much as it pains me to say it, I anticipate other funerals far too soon.  Many suffer from heart issues, lung issues, and diabetes that simple lifestyle changes could prevent or eradicate.  I hope that they will change, but many don’t know how- or want to learn how to do so.

I have been running for the last two years, and have kept at a decent “general fitness” level, no major health issues here, but I have struggled with my weight the majority of my life, and have never been able to get that extra weight off, stick with an exercise program or just feel worthy of doing so.

A running friend turned me on to Beach Body and Shakeology in May, and I will forever be grateful. In just over a month I have lost almost ten pounds started a substantial change to my body, and a total change in my mind and spirit. I am no longer worried about “get fixed quick” schemes. Just proper nutrition and exercise, and how to inspire others to make that healthy change themselves.

Instead of watching from the sidelines, I am an active participant in my own life.  The leading lady in my own story if you will. Instead of deciding that I am still “too fat” to help others get fit, I plunged in headfirst and decided to be a Beach Body Coach. Inspiring and helping others while I help myself learn proper nutrition, exercise and motivation.  The mental shift has become a truly liberating experience for me.   The emotional support and motivation I am receiving from other coaches has been amazing.

I am not quite ready to do the whole before and after photos yet- but I can share some measurements. I honestly had NO IDEA how far I had let myself go until I, 1. Took the before, front, side and back photos of myself and 2. Measured. To say the numbers and photos were startling and depressing would be an epic understatement. I still have a LOT of work to do- but I am slowly getting there. No more “quick fixes” that only work for a little while- and trash my body in the mean time. I am doing a full on fitness makeover.  Starting Thursday, June 11th, I will be amping that up with a 21 day Fix challenge.
May                                                        June
Waist                     36.5”                                                          34”
Hips                       39”                                                              38”
Chest                     39”                                                              37.5”
Arms                      12”                                                              11”
Thighs                   20.5”                                                          20”
BMI                         27.5                                                            25
HDL/LDL               55 / 61                                        Waiting for test results
BP                            120/80                                                        110/80

Total Loss-
Weight 9 pounds since I started trying.  7 since I started #PiYo
Inches- 7.5”
BMI- 2.5 points

To me those beginning numbers make me both humbled and a bit ashamed. I know those aren’t the sum total of WHO I am. But the reality of it is, I forgot to take care of ME. Somewhere in the last decade I completely lost sight of the fact that if I am not healthy then I can’t take care of my family, or expect my family to be healthy without a strong role model. The figure that once was fit & fierce with some curve was let go. Then I started to see my blood pressure numbers start to slowly get higher, and my cholesterol stopped being “optimal” and were now only “OK”. I have decided to get off that pity pony/comfy couch and get serious about my health, and the health of my family.

Prepare yourselves! I am just getting started and I am on a roll!

For more information on my journey, or to receive information about coaching click here:

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