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One Day at a Time-

What is it about us crazy humans that makes us think that whatever pace we are progressing at is NOT fast enough? So and so has lost ALL THIS WEIGHT and I only lost a pound! Or, look at his abs! They are an EIGHT PACK and I am a fat slug! Look, y’all. Rome… Continue reading One Day at a Time-

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Getting healthy- One day at a time

I am currently trying to lose that last ten pounds.  The ten pounds that seems to be tacked to my midsection and that has been the bane of my existence FOREVER. In order to do that, I have to stick to an actual eating plan.  I can’t do “diets”.  If I go on a “diet”,… Continue reading Getting healthy- One day at a time

Do better!

The Food Hangover

The problem with any extended weekend for me always starts and ends with food. What to bring? Should I even bother trying to make/bring healthy food to eat? Should I just say “Fuck it!”, thoroughly enjoy the idiocy and pay the piper on Monday? One day, I shall conquer!  Image found on Positivemed.com Well, today is… Continue reading The Food Hangover

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Monday = Massive Caffeine Craving

How is it that we blast warp-speed through the weekends, but during the Monday-Friday time frame time just sort of slogs by?  What sort of sick game is that? And who’s idea was it to split a seven day week up into 5/2, with the smaller number being the weekend? As you all know I have… Continue reading Monday = Massive Caffeine Craving

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Damn you Oreos!

I did so good with my “I am going to start training for my duathlon, which means exercising on the regular and eating GOOD quality food” until last night.  It is “shark week” for me, and with that comes this insatiable drive to eat EVERYTHING. I fought the first urge for the chocolate chips that… Continue reading Damn you Oreos!

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Forgive me fitness, for I have sinned (already)

Forgive me fitness for I have sinned.  It has been a whopping 5 days since I made the vow to become soda-celibate. Wow, that’s right. I Made it an entire 5 WHOLE days without a single drop of diet soda, regular soda or energy drink of ANY kind.  Then I went home to see that my son… Continue reading Forgive me fitness, for I have sinned (already)

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New Year, New Resolution (or not)

Although I am not a certified gym rat- I do hit it with semi-regularity.  Mostly because I am too chicken to run in the dark by myself. Which means I have to do my running within the safe confines of the gym.  It also helps with my poor excuse for lungs to not have to deal… Continue reading New Year, New Resolution (or not)

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15K Hot Chocolate run..with a small side sprint

I don’t know what it is about actual race day- but any runner will tell you, the fastest working fiber on the planet isn’t something you eat.  It’s the action of just putting on your race day gear. Through some metaphysical bio-mechanical magic, that gear jump starts the intestinal track.  No one knows why this… Continue reading 15K Hot Chocolate run..with a small side sprint

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Mom in AWE

It isn’t that often that I stumble across someone that truly inspires me, but today I did. This is a wonderful blog from a truly AWESOME Mom! I hate that her baby boy has to struggle in school, and the bathroom scene made my heart ache- but what an advocate for this boy! Get ’em… Continue reading Mom in AWE