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One Day at a Time-

What is it about us crazy humans that makes us think that whatever pace we are progressing at is NOT fast enough? So and so has lost ALL THIS WEIGHT and I only lost a pound! Or, look at his abs! They are an EIGHT PACK and I am a fat slug! Look, y’all. Rome… Continue reading One Day at a Time-

Get A Clue

Blonde roots run deep

You ever just have one of those moments (or days, weeks, years) that you seriously worry about yourself? A moment that you even shock yourself over your own idiocy?  Well, I had one of those the other day at the gym. (Sadly, these moments are fairly commonplace) Much like blogging, running and I have not… Continue reading Blonde roots run deep

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The never-ending argument

Do you ever just want to kick yourself for replying to a comment which inadvertently starts a conversation/argument with someone? Not because you started with any ill intent but because someone who was on the same thread somehow read into your comment and thought that you were defaming their character in some manner?  Someone that read something about… Continue reading The never-ending argument

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King Arthur, the Millenial

Is it wrong to expect that when a parent leaves the home at 6 am and doesn’t return until 5:30-6 PM Monday through Friday to provide for her kids food, shelter, Netflix and cable that those same kids (15 and 19 years old- one of which is a girl!) clean up after themselves? Especially since said… Continue reading King Arthur, the Millenial

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The Office Busybody

Why is it that every office has that one person that just has to stick their pointy little nose into every situation, project and conversation? The one that no matter how grammatically correct an e-mail chain is, they will find the extra space between a period and the beginning of the next sentence, or that… Continue reading The Office Busybody

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Ziti- It’s whats for breakfast

I have several cups of different flavored Greek yogurt in the fridge.  I also have oatmeal packets in my desk. Guess which option I chose for breakfast? I choose to blame it on Friday.  I feel very non-conformist today.  Added to that I am wearing SANDALS today because it is going to be 83°F today!… Continue reading Ziti- It’s whats for breakfast

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The Clueless Princess

I am currently enjoying my second bout (in a month) with bronchitis. After a long day at the cubicle hacking up a lung, I decide to hit the “Little Clinic” on my way home since they are open late, and generally have a short wait time. When I walk in, I see one lady checking… Continue reading The Clueless Princess