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One Day at a Time-

What is it about us crazy humans that makes us think that whatever pace we are progressing at is NOT fast enough? So and so has lost ALL THIS WEIGHT and I only lost a pound! Or, look at his abs! They are an EIGHT PACK and I am a fat slug! Look, y’all. Rome… Continue reading One Day at a Time-

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Top 5 demoralizers for “Mature Women”

Three posts in one day! What?!?!  We will just say I had some time to myself last night to ruminate, and for whatever reason between the wee hours of 1 am to 4am- these were some of my thoughts. So, clutch the pearls, Ethel- this may be a long one! (Cliche or not- love this… Continue reading Top 5 demoralizers for “Mature Women”

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Google just told me “Happy Birthday”

Although I am terribly flattered, I can’t help but think “Hello, Skynet!”.  Because I do use Google +, Google Circles, Hangouts and the search option so much that I really should work for them, or at least own large shares of the company.  So, maybe this is all just part of the Google courting process, and I… Continue reading Google just told me “Happy Birthday”

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Flo from Progressive- WHY?!?!?!

OK marketing genius / douche bag advertising executive behind Flo from Progressive, listen up.  I have a serious bone to pick with you.  Why did you take a fun and quirky character like Flo and ruin her?  Whatever dolt decided that Flo should be screech singing every five minutes on I-Heart Radio should be smashed in the… Continue reading Flo from Progressive- WHY?!?!?!

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Trying times, trying to sleep

What changes  within the body in the late 30’s turning into 40’s that makes sleep so elusive?  Is it the constant evolution of hormonal patterns common in (clutch the pearls, Ethel!) middle age?  Is it the nagging echoes from constant aches and pains caused by ever-rigorous exercise in the attempt to retain some segment of youth, beauty and… Continue reading Trying times, trying to sleep

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Mom in AWE

It isn’t that often that I stumble across someone that truly inspires me, but today I did. This is a wonderful blog from a truly AWESOME Mom! I hate that her baby boy has to struggle in school, and the bathroom scene made my heart ache- but what an advocate for this boy! Get ’em… Continue reading Mom in AWE

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Not sure how I feel about this one…It is pretty weird to put that much pressure on a DOLL. Isn’t it?

I think today may just be “Weird News Around the World Day” or something!  Either that or I have been disconnected from social media for too long (like a WEEK! Gasp. Clutch the pearls, Ethel!). Alright, so many of us may have looked at Malibu Barbie (or whatever nemesis you chose as an adolescent) and… Continue reading Not sure how I feel about this one…It is pretty weird to put that much pressure on a DOLL. Isn’t it?

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Today’s Rant

I am so glad that I was born here in America.  We may have our issues, everyone knows that- but at least female officers are not subjected to this idiocy! How can a government in 2014 still enforce such patriarchal, misogynistic laws?   Female Recruits REQUIRED to take virginity tests!

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Get out there and vote, people!

It never fails to piss me off when I hear people belly-ache about current or past policy, politics or laws- when they do NOT VOTE. If you can’t be bothered to cast your ballot, then don’t bother me with your tripe! Do you know how many people fought and died to give you the right… Continue reading Get out there and vote, people!