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One Day at a Time-

What is it about us crazy humans that makes us think that whatever pace we are progressing at is NOT fast enough? So and so has lost ALL THIS WEIGHT and I only lost a pound! Or, look at his abs! They are an EIGHT PACK and I am a fat slug! Look, y’all. Rome… Continue reading One Day at a Time-

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Getting healthy- One day at a time

I am currently trying to lose that last ten pounds.  The ten pounds that seems to be tacked to my midsection and that has been the bane of my existence FOREVER. In order to do that, I have to stick to an actual eating plan.  I can’t do “diets”.  If I go on a “diet”,… Continue reading Getting healthy- One day at a time

Power of Positivity

Morning “Meditation”

In order to get to work on time I have to leave insanely early.  My start time is not until 7:30 AM, but depending on what time I leave the commute can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and fifteen or an hour and thirty minutes.  The math here does not compute yet… Continue reading Morning “Meditation”

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Happiness is…100 followers

I officially hit 100 followers!  WAHOO!!! This may not be big news for many of the other bloggers on here- but for me this is EXCITING! How should I celebrate?  Typical glass of red wine at the end of the day? Some champagne so that I have a headache and a slightly giddy nausea for… Continue reading Happiness is…100 followers

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The Office Busybody

Why is it that every office has that one person that just has to stick their pointy little nose into every situation, project and conversation? The one that no matter how grammatically correct an e-mail chain is, they will find the extra space between a period and the beginning of the next sentence, or that… Continue reading The Office Busybody

Power of Positivity

Back to School- Part Deux

So it has only taken me twenty years of on again off again, but I am finally only 10 short classes from completing a college degree.  Online classes are definitely the preferred option for me, but even so- I am going to have to do some serious time budgeting. Between work (and it’s nasty two hour… Continue reading Back to School- Part Deux

Power of Positivity

Friday, How I missed thee!

I know I have posted it before- but I love Fridays!  All of the promise of the weekend, with plenty of time to plan for Saturday and Sunday…You haven’t fucked off too long and screwed yourself out of finishing up that long-assed laundry list of to-do’s yet. Sort of like that first inhalation of fresh air,… Continue reading Friday, How I missed thee!

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Google just told me “Happy Birthday”

Although I am terribly flattered, I can’t help but think “Hello, Skynet!”.  Because I do use Google +, Google Circles, Hangouts and the search option so much that I really should work for them, or at least own large shares of the company.  So, maybe this is all just part of the Google courting process, and I… Continue reading Google just told me “Happy Birthday”

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Every cloud has a silver lining…Sort of.

I try really hard to be optimistic.  Sometimes I have to look really, really hard to find that silver lining in the clouds- but so far I have always been able to find it. Today’s silver lining would be traffic. Weird, I know.  Every year during Christmas “break” (for the kids- not for me) I… Continue reading Every cloud has a silver lining…Sort of.

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Post race day AKA Finally able to walk like a human again

Well, it only took me two and a half days of Epsom salt baths, heating pads and rolling pin sessions- but I am back to normal! (OK, as normal as I can get, anyway. har-de-har) I can now amble around without (much) pain. YAHOO!  Yes, I am in current discussions about my next long distance… Continue reading Post race day AKA Finally able to walk like a human again