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Getting healthy- One day at a time

I am currently trying to lose that last ten pounds.  The ten pounds that seems to be tacked to my midsection and that has been the bane of my existence FOREVER. In order to do that, I have to stick to an actual eating plan.  I can’t do “diets”.  If I go on a “diet”,… Continue reading Getting healthy- One day at a time


High pollen count = no running today

Freaking high pollen advisory today. DAMMIT.  Doesn’t Mother Nature understand that when it is actually not sweltering outside that I want to be outside?  Especially now that I have a whole hour for lunch.  That actually gives me enough time to run during the day instead of feeling guilty about not running after I get… Continue reading High pollen count = no running today

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Gearing up for the Redneck Run

Feeling pretty excited! I have another fun 10K scheduled for this weekend. This one should be HILARIOUS!  The Redneck Run will be lots of fun, live country music and silliness aplenty.  If we had thought of it, we could have participated in the “plunger run”, a relay with toilet plungers. That you get to decorate YOURSELF! WOW-… Continue reading Gearing up for the Redneck Run

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What a great weekend!

What a weekend!  I had a long, emotional week last week (courtesy of the joys of an “adult” child and my awesome parentage) which meant I had a lot of crazy to run off. Thankfully, my good run buddies looped me into the Kiss Me I’m Irish Run, and we did an 8k (which depending on… Continue reading What a great weekend!

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Dammit. I thought today was THURSDAY!

You ever have one of those days where you wake up thinking that you have advanced further through the week than you really have?  For instance thinking Wednesday is really Thursday (Friday Eve) until about noon?  Boy, if that isn’t a Grade A kick-in-the-ass when you find out that you still have TWO more work days… Continue reading Dammit. I thought today was THURSDAY!