Get A Clue

Blonde roots run deep

You ever just have one of those moments (or days, weeks, years) that you seriously worry about yourself? A moment that you even shock yourself over your own idiocy?  Well, I had one of those the other day at the gym. (Sadly, these moments are fairly commonplace) Much like blogging, running and I have not… Continue reading Blonde roots run deep

Fitness & Nutrition

Forgive me Fitness, for I have sinned…again

Forgive me fitness, for I have sinned. I have blasphemously let my hard-earned running callouses heal.  I know, I know! Absolute travesty of epic proportions! I have not been making enough time for running lately, and it is a crying shame, because I love it. I love being outside, seeing the world unfiltered, feeling the… Continue reading Forgive me Fitness, for I have sinned…again

Do better!

The Food Hangover

The problem with any extended weekend for me always starts and ends with food. What to bring? Should I even bother trying to make/bring healthy food to eat? Should I just say “Fuck it!”, thoroughly enjoy the idiocy and pay the piper on Monday? One day, I shall conquer!  Image found on Well, today is… Continue reading The Food Hangover

Hmm..I wonder...

Weird things that make you happy

This morning when I wandered into the ladies room a bit earlier than normal, I was greeted by the fresh smell of cleaning products and a toilet with the lid up and brimming with clean, blue water.  For whatever odd reason that gave me a little happiness zing. Which then got me thinking, am I odd?  I… Continue reading Weird things that make you happy

Race Day

Free photos in a race?!?! WHAT?!

The Esprit De She is the very first race that I have ever been a part of that provides all of the race photos as a part of the race package. Very, very cool!  These are usually an insane amount of money that I never spend- so no one ever gets to see them. These… Continue reading Free photos in a race?!?! WHAT?!

Race Day

First duathlon done!

Last December my running group was looking for something that would be different, challenging and still incorporate running  when we decided to sign up for the Esprit De She duathlon in Tempe.  We knew we could do it, I mean most of the course would be on bikes – and if we have ran several half marathons… Continue reading First duathlon done!

Fitness & Nutrition

Two Day Pain Delay

What is it about that day after the day after you work out? The pain levels are so much more intense!  The battle of just basic muscle control is ridiculous!  I have to say, for anyone watching me move today I must be fairly entertaining. Attempting such super human feats as walking, sitting down, standing up, climbing stairs,… Continue reading Two Day Pain Delay


High pollen count = no running today

Freaking high pollen advisory today. DAMMIT.  Doesn’t Mother Nature understand that when it is actually not sweltering outside that I want to be outside?  Especially now that I have a whole hour for lunch.  That actually gives me enough time to run during the day instead of feeling guilty about not running after I get… Continue reading High pollen count = no running today