Twentieth Anniversary Travels

Cancun, Playa Del Carmen & Mazatlan, Mexico


 Twenty Year Honeymoon  

Last July 30th we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  Since we were married when we were little more than babies, we had never had the money to do any exotic travelling.  Sadly, this included our honeymoon.  If memory serves we were married on a Saturday and were both back to work on the following Monday.  Depressing in hindsight, but we all do what we have to do to survive, right?

Well, 2014 marked the year of “fiscal stability” and we were finally able to combine our long-delayed honeymoon with our 20th anniversary with a trip to Cancun.

Having not really travelled before, we wanted to make sure we got the most bang for our buck by going all-inclusive.  Then we figured we may as well make it a romantic getaway and booked an adult’s only all-inclusive resort called the Oceana Maya Royale in Playa Del Carmen, just south of Cancun.

   Cancun Jungle Run  Cancun Jungle Run 2

I have to tell you, as someone that considers herself a “low maintenance” type of gal, escaping here for some pampering was the best thing I have ever done for myself! (Aside from the breast reduction.  The hubs still vehemently disagrees with that decision. But he will get over it. In 50 years or so.)  Anything you could want was right there on the resort. Here “all-inclusive” also meant cocktails and fresh fruit. SCORE!

Pretty sure I have never eaten as many mangoes as I did over the course of those 5 glorious days.  I am also going to say that the gallons of rum that I guzzled rivaled as much as I have ever imbibed in twenty years cumulatively,  now mashed within a 5 day time frame.

Day 1- Arrival

The day of arrival we knew we would be tired, so we did not book any activities.  Which is a good thing, as we had spent over 12 hours between changing flights and driving from the Cancun airport to the resort.  The only thing to do was to check out the resort and hit the beach for some relaxing. Which means, of course, hit the pool bar and kick off vacation right!

Day 2- Chechen Itza, well….

Well, that had been the plan anyway.  Turns out that when you tip your bartenders at an all-inclusive they take care of you. I mean really take care of you.  Which means that we all overslept and missed our bus.  OOPS.  We decided that we would take a taxi into Playa Del Carmen and ferry over to Cozumel for the day.

cozumel ferry ride

For some idiotic reason once we got on island we thought it would be a great idea to take scooters around the island.  This was both terrifying and exhilarating.  I am pretty sure that no one on that island believes in obeying any basic traffic laws. Once outside of the city, we were able to take a highway around the perimeter of Cozumel. THIS was worth the terror of inner city scooter-ing!


Cozumel Scooter Ride 2014

Cozumel Scooter Ride 1 Cozumel Scooter Ride 2 Cozumel Scooter Ride 3 Cozumel Scooter Ride 4 Cozumel Scooter Ride 5

Day 3- Chechen Itza (For real this time)

It was a four-hour drive to travel to the ruins.  I am the only one that really wanted to go there, so I really owe it to my husband and our friends for not killing me on the ride there or back.  I absolutely loved it!  It was hot and humid in the jungle, but it was amazing to immerse yourself in such history!

Chechen Itza 1  Chechen Itza 3

Chechen Itza 6  ChichenItza


 Day 4- Spa Day / Deep Sea Fishing Trip

To follow a grueling day in the heat of the jungle and almost eight hours cumulatively in the van, we had only booked a short deep-sea trip for the guys. While the husbands were off fishing, my friend and I got the full one hour massage treatment at the spa on site.

When we finished with the massages we went parasailing over the pool! The guys caught a seven-foot marlin (they had to throw it back, but were able to muscle in one quick picture). It was a great day for all of us.

Cancun Parasailing

Cancun Fishing


Day 5- Last Day

We had heard from another couple that we met at the pool on spa day (ahem, turns out some of us are social butterflies when we drink at the pool. Who knew?)

Can Cun pool day

that there was a cenote that ran into the ocean about a mile or so up the beach from our resort.  It sounded like a nice romantic way to round out our trip,so we headed out and took some pictures.

Cenotes Hike 1 Cenotes Hike 2


The pictures directly below were actually taken in front of a private home.  What a way to live!

cenotes hike 3 cenotes hike 4


This is the path to the secluded cenote, surrounded by a mangrove. Very beautiful place, and a great way to end a wonderful trip.

cenotes hike 5 cenotes hike 6

cenotes hike 7

The water was so beautiful.  I wish I had more talent with my cell phone!

cenotes hike 8

We picked up some souvenirs for the kids, and a couple for our friends back home and then went to bed.  I had forgotten to apply sunblock on “pool day”, so had not only gotten a sunburn from hell but my lips swelled up to twice their natural size.  I have no idea why someone would do that to themselves on purpose.  That was horribly painful, and I would not recommend it! (yes there is pictures- and NO they are not getting posted. Ever!)

Day 6- Heading Home

I had the most fun I have ever had on a vacation.  It was fun but relaxing and was wonderful to spend that much time with the hubs.  But- I really missed my kids.  As much fun as it was, and even though they are both in their teens, it was hard to cut that umbilical cord for a whole 5 days, and I couldn’t wait to get home.

Fast forward one year later and it’s all I can think about! I can’t wait to plan the next trip!



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