I decided to add a new, WTF page for the things I see out & about, or in the press that enrage, mystify or just make me want to rant about the absolute injustice of it all.  This page inspired by fellow blogger Whisper2Scream.

WTF#1: Today I am reading through the MSN with a link to Huffington Post, and I run across this little piece that quickly brought on a burst of irrational anger. Seriously, Norway? Aren’t you a progressive country?!?  What the fuck?!?! Let me enlighten you with the headline:  “Norway ‘Child Bride’ causes outrage as 12 year old’s wedding blog goes viral. Yes, TWELVE YEARS OLD.   You have gotta be effing kidding me!

Which thankfully is a bit of a hoax with an eye to enlightening people on what happens to way too many of our youngsters.  Makes my skin crawl.  However, that brings up a link to an article showing how for many the hoax is their reality.  Which sickens, saddens and angers me.  How can any adult man look at a 9 year old BABY and think, MMM- she will be a great lover and mother.  Shoot that man dead! Right the eff now!  He is a waste of skin and is polluting my oxygen supply with his fetid Cho-mo breath.  And in case you are wondering, No- I do not believe a child molester will/can EVER be rehabilitated.  Something inside them is seriously fucked up, will always be fucked up and no matter how much therapy you throw at him, he will ALWAYS be a monster.  So, cut his ass out of the gene pool before he ruins someone’s life.  (dust hands off)  That would be my good deed to the world. I can honestly say that is a “cleansing” activity that I would not feel any guilt about. Not one iota of it.

Then there are these assholes that hide behind a religious persona and then claim that child brides or female genital mutilation is all part of their religion.  Well, cut the tip of YOUR dick off and see how close to God you feel! HAH!  Tell you right now, if Jesus himself came down and told me that He wanted me to marry off my 14 year old daughter to some 37 year old man because it is His will- Do you know what I would say? (Coincidentally would be the same thing if he told me I had to OBEY my husband, not talk to other men and/or cut off my own genitals) Fuck you, Jesus.  Yep.  You read that right.  AND- get this, no lightning strikes to the head happened when I said it. You want to know why?  Because these are depravities of MAN, not of God. Not of ANY GOD.   I am not trying to spark a religious debate- but just engage your thinking gears for a second and think about it…

By marrying off our young women before they have the strength or knowledge to stand up to such tyranny, they are able to keep them in the dark ages.  No education, no ability to support themselves, no way to get AWAY.  Thank God I was born here in the USA and have been raised to be able to educate myself, and learn how to earn my own way, and to know that I can stand up to injustice without being stoned to death, or attacked with acid- by other women.  Which is another thing entirely- and I don’t have the time to get into THAT insane realm of wretchedness.

Yes, we have plenty of chauvinistic assholes, and there are perverts aplenty that need to die- BUT, we are becoming a progressive nation.  Here is what has gotten me so “het up”: Stop Child Abuse Now



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